Sunday School, ~10:30 am
Pre-school through eighth grade, the Bible is taught through song, story-telling, crafts, and a variety of other ways which inspire our children.

Catechetical Class, Autumn and Spring Wednesdays, 5:30 pm
At approximately fourteen years of age our youth become full fledged voting members of the congregation with all privileges and responsibilities. The catechetical process which is required of them to attain this status is a two year, five-fold process: Service attendance, Wednesday classes, Sunday classes, service projects, and Youth Group participation.

Vacation Bible School, TBA, 6:00 pm–8:00 pm
This year we are providing an evening VBS with the intention of including the whole congregation. If you would like to participate, email us!

Adult Classes, Sunday, ~10:45 am
All Christians are in training to be a pastor to their neighbor. Therefore, it is our intention to actually teach about the myriad aspects of Christianity and not simply gather opinions on a variety of topics.

Spring, Summer, and Autumn Academy TBA
These are opportunities of five to six successive classes of several course
offerings with the intention of encouraging increased participation in
Christian education.


SPECKS Advisory Committee
Members:  - (Chairperson/Coordinator); Elizabeth Bailey; Megan Kessler; Refa Brown;
Christie Klinger

SPY Advisory Committee
Members:  - (Chairperson/Coordinator); Brian Baker; Scott Meckley; Becky Ulsh;

Rick Masser; Wade Kessler


SPELL Planning Commitee
Members:  Angelia Bixler; Diana Hebda; Carol Klinger