The aim of all Christian education is to train the believer in an adult faith that can make him a "new creation", capable of bearing witness in his surroundings to the Christian hope that inspires him. - Pope Benedict XVI

Christian Education is very important to our congregation.  It is a key heritage of the Lutheran Church.  During the days of Pr. Walton, more that eighty adults completed the two-year Bethel Series.  Today we are building on that foundation. 

Sunday School teaches our children about the Service and about the Holy Scriptures.  Our Vacation Bible School program is inclusive of all ages, toddler through adult.  In both venues, we learn about the love of God in Jesus Christ and how God expects us to live our lives.

Adult Education is provided by several teachers on a variety of topics, including church history, theology, liturgics, Bible study, and book studies.  Classes are Sunday Mornings and Thursday evenings with St. Paul's Academy convening in Lent, Summer, and Advent.

If you are interested in enrolling yourself or your children, email us!